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Bulgaria collapses, Tisza incenses the Southern Slavs, the German Chancellor falls

Bulgaria collapsed at the end of September 1918 – this opened the Balkan front for progressing Entente troops. The Bulgarians concluded armistice and left the First World War, which made the loss of the war clear for the German leadership as well. However, the fall of the German Chancellor, Hertling was only the beginning of political changes that took place in central powers. 

The Black Day of the German Army: 8 August 1918

“Schwarzer Tag des deutschen Heeres”,  the Black Day of the German Army – this is how Erich Ludendorff, (one of) the supreme leader(s) of the empire characterised 8 August 1918. And this day was only the beginning of the series of attacks called Hundred Days Offensive in German military history launched by the Entente that decided the First World War between August 8 and November 11 in 1918. This latter day was the date of signing the capitulation in Compiègne and of the end of the war.   

A. J. P. Taylor

The “red button” of the First World War – A. J. P. Taylor’s “timetable theory” on the outbreak of the world war

What caused the First World War, the “seminal catastrophe” of the 20th century? Perhaps no historical question has so much literature than the outbreak of the First World War. One of the most original answers were provided by A. J. P. Taylor (1906–1990), who had less research in the archives, but he thought so much more: the first and most renowned British “media historian” even today explained his shocking “timetable theory” in several works: it starts from the basic assumption that people are unwilling to believe – that “large events have minor reasons“.