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The autumn of 1918: The Spanish flu devastates Hungary

Autumn brought a terrible pandemic for Budapest and the country in 1918. It was the Spanish flu, upon the outbreak of which, in June a part og the Hungarian press made a poor out with their fake news, with belittling the danger, but Pesti Hírlap still lied to their readers even in the most severe moments of the pandemic, in autumn. The responsibility of the government, the capital and the public health authorities is just as severe: they were unable to solve the absence of doctors and medicine and the lack of organization also prevented them from coping with the pandemic, which mainly decimated the population of the back-country, and especially lively young adults from September 1918. 

The summer of 1918: Spanish flu appeared in Budapest, mailmen collapsed on the streets of Berlin

Though in June 1918 Pesti Hírlap still published reassuring news about the alleged remission of the Spanish influenza pandemic, later named Spanish flu, a month later authorities admitted that the disease had appeared in the Hungarian capital as well. As it later turned out, the majority of contemporary news depicted the reality much better, and the flu caused mass illnesses around the world. In Budapest, in the summer of 1918, the virus, which had mainly infected soldiers and prisoners of war, already spread among the civilian population too.

Asylum for the Fallen – the Red Cross and its Nurses

The International Red Cross was established in the 19th century: seeing the horrors of the Solferino Battle in 1859, Henri Dunant (1828-1910), a Swiss businessman, decided to establish an aid organization consisting of volunteers who tend the wounded during the war.