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Ervin Szabó died one hundred year ago – How much would have we missed without him?

If we started with a far-fetched joke, perhaps students of the library faculty hate him more than today’s right-wing publicists: he was the one to introduce the difficult-to-learn UDC system in Hungary. But he was also the one who introduced the network of public, free libraries in the country. And something he is attacked for even today: 

Front Theatre

Thália on the Front – Front Theatre in the First World War

“I believe we have the same views on this point. / Most importantly, we shall have a front theatre on the front. / I will not ruin my talent at home any more, / I shed my arts on the holy altar of my country. / And, since that’s what the battlefield requires most, / I shall get some sets of pike-grey vests. / I am not given any room at home as a rival, / I will be then a primadonna on the battlefield. / The Hungarian country wanted a front theatre, / I will be the singing lark of front theatres, / Zsazsa, the singing lark.”